TMV Acerra

Since the news of the great results in the waste to energy plant of Brescia travelled fast and made us known on the Italian market, Mokesa AG was able to increase its market share in Italy over the last few years. For example, an attractive order from a plant situated approx. 20 km north of the Southern Italian metropolis Naples. This is where the impressive EfW plant of Acerra is located. This centrally located plant is managed by A2A, just like the one in Brescia and is of crucial significance for the waste disposal of the entire region of Campania. After the first refractory lining, of a competitor’s product, failed shortly after installation, it was decided in 2010 to rely fully on the competence of Mokesa AG. Subsequently, all three boiler lines were retrofitted with the Mokesys® system. The large surface lining of the superheater droppers, with SiC ramming mass, was added later. This combination has proven itself and has contributed significantly to a positive development of the plant.