EEW Energy from Waste Group is a leader in the generation of electricity and heat from thermal waste treatment. EEW uses high-performance products by Mokesa in a number of their power plants. Mokesys® tiling systems have been used successfully for 11 years in the waste cogeneration plant at Neunkirchen and for 8 years in the industrial combined heat and power plant at Andernach. In recent years, the concrete surfaces in the boilers of the EEW power plant in Stavenhagen were successively replaced with durable Mokesys® tiles.

Furthermore, EEW offered Mokesa the opportunity to install some of our new developments in the Andernach plant to demonstrate their advantages during live operations. The Andernach plant works on the basis of alternative fuel combustion. This means that the refractory lining must be capable of withstanding high calorific values and liquefied slag. Both the rear-ventilated Mokesys® Air 2E as well as Mokesys® back-filled with SiC granules were installed to the furnace side walls above the grate. These enhancements of the Mokesys® product family offer new possibilities for refractory lining in the furnace, with obvious benefits for the operators: quick and cost-effective installation and removal, reliable corrosion protection and efficient energy recovery characteristics.