Industrial Power Plant Andernach

The industrial power plant Andernach in northern Rhineland-Palatinate has specialised in substitute fuels as combustible material with high calorific value and is also equipped with our flexible Mokesys® system.

The IHKW Andernach replaces approximately 46 million litres of fuel oil for energy production. For this location, we installed a testing field for the back-fill of the Mokesys® refractory tiling system with SiC granulate for which a patent application has been filed.

The size of the installed testing area is approximately 10 square meters. Furthermore, the back-cast Mokesys® standard system was used as a combination on more than 100 additional square meters.

These systems were installed quickly and efficiently. We are sure that the stability of the Mokesys® granulate system will revolutionise corrosion protection in WtE plants since the maintenance cost and revision times will decrease significantly.

We look forward to hearing further good news from this location and would like to use this moment to send our best wishes to Rhineland-Palatinate.