The Waste Disposal Association of the Swiss town of Buchs has been a loyal customer of Mokesa AG for many years. The waste incinerator plant provides thermal recycling of domestic and industrial waste. The resulting waste heat is used to generate electricity, process steam, and provide district heating. The association in Buchs has reported successful business development and a continuous increase in the waste recycled at the plant. In 2016, approximately 187,000 out of approximately 235,000 tons of waste delivered to the plant was used for thermal recycling.

The Buchs plant operates three furnace lines. The back-cast Mokesys® systems have been doing an excellent job in this plant for many years. In 2017, it was decided to also install our rear-ventilated refractory tiles for the first time. The left side wall of furnace line 1 was lined with the new rear-ventilated Mokesys® Air 2E system starting at one metre above the grate belt, finishing at the internal lining edge. The objective of this upgrade was to reduce downtime for inspections, whilst maintaining reliable corrosion protection and a high degree of heat extraction.