In Switzerland, Mokesa AG has the majority of market share in waste recycling. Companies rely on our proven expertise and experience. The Waste Disposal Association for the Zofingen region (ERZO) is the operator of the waste incineration plant in Oftringen. ERZO has always been at the forefront of new technology. From the very beginning they were eager to support and implement the new and innovative Mokesys® products.

The first generation of the rear-ventilated Mokesys® Air 2E system was installed in the upper section of the furnace in 2009. The ERZO managers were rewarded for their confidence in our product and only a small number of individual tiles had to be replaced during the past 8 years of operation. In 2015, our rear-ventilated tiling system was installed in the lower section of the furnace. The result once again was a success: the rear-ventilated Mokesys® system also delivered outstanding results in the combustion chamber directly above the grate.