In depth analysis inspection | evaluation | CFD analysis | slag analysis | process technology

Mokesa AG is able to bring any type of boiler up to the latest state of technology in terms of refractory lining. In order to be able to offer solutions which are perfectly customised to your needs, the existing situation first needs to be analysed thoroughly. During this phase of the project, the focus lies on a detailed boiler inspection. This step will demonstrate the demands on the boiler and reveal potential for improvement. In addition, mineralogical and chemical slag analyses may provide further facts. The CFD model, i.e. the numerical simulation of a flow process, also provides information about the temperature and heat flows inside the boiler. In carrying this out, the customer will benefit from our extensive project management ranging from a detailed analysis of the precise conditions prevailing to the turn-key creation of the operating conditions required. The economic operating efficiency of the plant will always be at the centre of our considerations during the analysis phase.