Mokesys® News

Following Mokesa’s announcement late last year regarding multiple, simultaneous patent applications, details about the new generation of Mokesys® products were disclosed for the first time on the occasion of this year’s Mokesa Refractory Conference held in August.

Experts from Germany, Austria and Switzerland convened in the Central Swiss Alps at an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea level to familiarise themselves with three of our new inventions in the domain of refractory technology. Able to be freely combined with our existing Mokesys® products, these offer a number of advantages and allow for new possibilities for refractory linings.

The Mokesys® product range can be further sub-divided into three categories: back-filled with castable concrete, rear ventilated and back-filled with granules. Mokesa AG has developed a new product for each of these categories and has lodged applications for international patents.

Mokesys® Standard Plus (back-cast)
The “Plus” represents the further development of the proven Mokesys® standard system. The dual protection against tube wall corrosion and the extraordinary thermal shock resistance, as well as the high degree of thermal conductivity of the tiles, have been retained. What is new, however, is the system’s mode of functioning. In the Mokesys® Standard Plus, the expanding forces are damped, on the one hand, by a base console and, on the other, by an upper console suspension. Thus, above-average compressive forces can be eliminated in critical zones. The new Mokesys® Standard Plus evinces 50% fewer expansion joints than was previously the case and yet is more flexible and manoeuvrable than ever before.

Mokesys® Air UHS (rear-ventilated)
Along with the existing Mokesys® Air 2E, which is used in the first pass, the new Mokesys® Air UHS offers long-term protection for superheaters in the second pass. It is of premium quality, as are all our SiC refractory tiling systems. At low pressure, small quantities of air are blown in between the superheater tube wall and the Mokesys® Air UHS tiles. The circulating air serves, on the one hand, to effect cooling and, on the other, to afford optimal protection against corrosion. Mokesys® Air UHS is quick and easy to install and, compared with conventional superheater protections, saves a great deal of valuable time during installation and dismantling. The result is a customised refractory lining that retains a high degree of flexibility over a long period of time and ensures extended and disruption-free operation.

Mokesys® Granulate (back-filled)
The possible applications of the Mokesys® refractory tiling systems are expanded by an innovative concept: the back-filling of Mokesys® with granules. The physics of granular material is based upon the interaction of particles of varying shapes and sizes. The friction between the particles diminishes if even small quantities of liquid are injected, and mutual attraction is brought about by way of cohesion. This explains, for instance, the stability of sandcastles. A binder proprietarily developed by Mokesys® ensures the cohesive staying power of the granules. On the one hand, the tile supports for reliable corrosion protection are enveloped in air and, on the other, the granular fill results in greater heat extraction than is afforded by mere rear-ventilation. Our Mokesys® Granules also facilitate dismantling that is simpler, swifter and without damage to the tube wall. Thus, the concept amalgamates the positive qualities of the existing Mokesys® systems.

We propose to unveil further product innovations at IFAT 2016 in Munich and to present preliminary specific results seen in practice. We can already promise interesting prospects and insights.