Numerous advantages from a single source

Those of you, like our customers, who wish to generate energy should not waste it themselves. You will find the Mokesa specialists to be highly skilled contacts, capable of addressing any issues. The advantages which our refractory tube wall protection systems offer are just as comprehensive as is our expertise.

  • Flexibly combinable with various application possibilities
  • Optimal thermal conductivity and significant heat recovery
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation
  • Extraordinarily good acceptance of the stresses occurring during boiler expansion and contraction
  • Less slag formation thanks to premium SiC quality and double firing of the tiles
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Extreme strength even at high temperatures
  • Shorter and less frequent downtimes and faster cleaning cycles
  • Longer service life and lower replacement rates
  • Higher availability


Variable heat extraction | more effective corrosion protection
The rear-ventilated tiling systems offer effective protection from corrosion due to the circulating air behind the tiles. The heat extraction can therefore be individually tailored by adjusting the stud fixings. The Mokesys® Air 2E is used in the first boiler pass. It comprises nitride bonded SiC tiles and a layer of constantly circulating air which is created by an external supply system. The newly developed Mokesys® Air UHS, for which a patent is pending, offers permanent protection for superheater bulkheads in the second pass. Small amounts of air are blown, at low pressure, between the superheater’s tubes and the Mokesys® Air UHS tiles. The circulating air provides ideal protection against corrosive flue gases.


Highest heat extraction | double protection against effects of corrosive gases
The back-cast systems by Mokesys® offer double protection against tube wall corrosion. This is due not only to the patented Mokesys® tiles but also to a closed, back-cast layer of low porosity SiC castable concrete. The nitride bonding of the fine SiC grains and the double firing of the tiles result in the sustainable ability to withstand slag attack and high temperatures, as well as offering outstanding resistance to oxidation and temperature change. The back-cast systems, Mokesys® Standard and Mokesys® Standard Plus, achieve the highest possible degree of heat extraction due to the direct contact between the refractory and the boiler tube wall. The first back-cast Mokesys® systems were installed in 1998. This concept has proven itself and is already at the third generation of back-cast systems which are in use today.


High degree of heat extraction | safe corrosion protection | quick installation and damage free removal
Mokesys® tiling can now also be back-filled using granulate. This revolutionary system combines the positive features of various Mokesys® systems. The back-filling of the Mokesys® tube wall tiling system, with SiC granulate, is a new development by means of which the stud fixings are surrounded with moving air for safe corrosion protection and it also ensures a high degree of heat extraction due to the direct contact of the granulate filling with the tube wall. The granulate system also enables simple and quick installation and speedy demolition, helping to avoid damage to the tube wall.


Suitable products for every boiler zone
Mokesa offers a range of special products for boiler zones with particularly high demands. In this way, individual and even manually produced, solutions can be provided for each boiler. The design of the Mokesys® products allows for simple and quick installation even in these areas. All products can be freely combined and arranged so as to provide a gapless tube wall protection system giving efficient heat extraction.