Refractory from A to Z

Mokesys® – Our own internationally patented refractory products open up new possibilities in refractory lining for optimum corrosion protection.

Consultancy – Expert and comprehensive advice thanks to many years of international experience in chimney and refractory construction. 

Engineering – Design and conception of tailor-made refractory linings according to the latest state of the art.

Quality Work – Precise, fast and on time by qualified and experienced project managers, foremen and refractory installers.

Refractory Construction – Demolition, sandblasting, cleaning, welding, installation and dry heating of combustion plants.

Chimney Construction – Renovation, maintenance and demolition of industrial chimneys.

Materials Management – Complete storage of all Mokesys® products and direct delivery from our own warehouses in Switzerland and Germany.

24/7 Service – Construction, maintenance and emergency repairs of combustion plants and chimneys around the clock, 365 days a year.


Services around the clock

Since more than 40 years, we have built up valuable experience with all imaginable types of boilers and furnaces which experience we can make available for the benefit of our customers. Apart from heat and power stations we plan, construct and service, radiation and three pass boilers, chemical, petrochemical and reaction furnaces, cement and lime kilns, aluminium and steel foundry furnaces, rotary kilns and solvent incinerators as well as cremators. As different as the challenges may be for each project, our expectation always remains the same: Search anew for innovative products and solutions every day. Consequently the flexible, compatible Mokesys® product family of high performance products is protected by international patents. The attractive product portfolio is rounded off by special bricks of all types. Of course, our around the clock service and our competent consulting services have the same high level of quality as our products. The specialists of Mokesa AG are much in demand in the industrial sector when it comes to expertise, new creations, reconstruction or optimisation of waste to energy (EfW) plants.


In depth analysis inspection | evaluation | CFD analysis | slag analysis | process technology

Mokesa AG is able to bring any type of boiler up to the latest state of technology in terms of refractory lining. In order to be able to offer solutions which are perfectly customised to your needs, the existing situation first needs to be analysed thoroughly. During this phase of the project, the focus lies on a detailed boiler inspection. This step will demonstrate the demands on the boiler and reveal potential for improvement. In addition, mineralogical and chemical slag analyses may provide further facts. The CFD model, i.e. the numerical simulation of a flow process, also provides information about the temperature and heat flows inside the boiler. In carrying this out, the customer will benefit from our extensive project management ranging from a detailed analysis of the precise conditions prevailing to the turn-key creation of the operating conditions required. The economic operating efficiency of the plant will always be at the centre of our considerations during the analysis phase.

Detailed Planning

Conception | engineering | materials supply / personnel planning | start up and shut down

The foundation for the successful use of ceramic tube wall protection systems in waste incineration plants is the combination of many years of experience with practical solutions. The customer specific process parameters will always determine the engineering. Mokesa AG constantly integrates the results from the present status analysis into the development and future working processes. Reliability and precision are our top priority during this phase. This is evidenced by the fact that the customer will receive detailed boiler concepts and zone plans (incl. start up and shut down curves) and can thereby profit from our basic settings at first hand.


Quality management | cost control | timely completion | comprehensive documentation

Only products which have been correctly installed can reach their full effectiveness. That is why Mokesa AG places great value on precision in the implementation of refractory concepts. The profound experience of Mokesa employees guarantees the customer first class quality of work when Mokesys® products are installed. The Mokesa AG management system complies with ISO 9001:2015 Standards for quality management as well as ISO 45001:2018 for work safety and health protection. In addition, the entire Mokesa staff has completed SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) certifications regarding work safety, health and environmental protection. However, not only quality and safety need to be rigorously inspected during an installation but there is also a need for punctuality and cost discipline. Both are naturally observed at Mokesa AG and are constantly monitored by the respective project managers. After the work has been completed, the customer will receive full documentation on that work.


Outstanding products require services at the same high level. That is what we offer. Materials for new installations, plant modifications, repairs and alterations are delivered quickly and punctually directly from the Mokesa warehouses – all week long, including weekends and around the clock. Our scope of service also includes sand blasting, welding, installation of refractories and drying out. This full service is further complemented by valuable warranties. All products of the Mokesys® product family are subject to a warranty of several years. In order to ensure quick help in case of emergencies, Mokesa AG has all standard tiles and special products in stock in warehouses in Germany, the Netherlands and in Switzerland. Cost intensive storage is therefore not necessary for the customer.