With the waste treatment plant in Parona, another operator in Italy is relying on the knowledge of Mokesa AG. The plant with two circulating fluidised bed furnaces in the province of Pavia, Italy is operated by Lomellina Energia S.r.l. and has a total capacity of 380,000 tonnes of residential and special waste per year.

The typical high wear of the refractory lining of the circulating fluidised bed furnaces, due to the abrasive effect of the bed material, had been causing problems in Parona for a long time. Mokesa AG was therefore assigned to find a more robust solution for the refractory lining of the connection channel between the fluidised bed reactor and the solids separator. This was first installed in summer 2018, and brought the expected success in the first year of operation.

We would like to thank the people responsible at Lomellina Energia S.r.l. and look forward to further exciting projects.